Chromatic Dragon 500pix

Sean with The Chromatic Dragon, in Savannah, GA, contacted us looking for someone to take their concept for a sign and turn it into a real sign for their new gaming bar.  They had reached out to several local sign shops in the Savannah area and no one could produce the sign they were looking for.  The sign needed to be 5'x5' and double-sided and would be hanging from the corner of their building. The sign had to be ready for their grand opening in a month.   We contacted our friend Jeremy Miller of JMiller Sign Studio ( for assistance.  Jeremy has been creating beautiful signs for many years and we have worked closely with him on many projects.

One of our good friends designed and provided us with AutoCAD files to produce the table that we call the G Table.  The table is 2" thick Maple with Brazilian Cherry inlay G's.  The bulldog in the center of the table is from our catalog of 3D models.


Neal the co-owner of Vertical Gun Racks ( contacted us to carve a sign for their booth at an up-coming gun show.  A couple of weeks later Neal contacted us again for assistance in building a wall for their booths at future gun shows.  Neal and his partner Mike met with us to discuss their needs. They were in need of a 3 panel wall that they could hang their gun racks on, a foot locker and a counter for their booth.  They decided to use the reclaimed siding from their Grandmother's 100 year old cabin.

Renown Atlanta Artist Martin Dawe of Cherrylion Studios ( contacted us for assistance in creating a series of 3D architectural panels. Martin had been commissioned by an architectural firm to design and create a carved relief and other pieces for the new Starbucks Disney City in Disney Downtown Orlando. Each panels was scaled down and hand-carved in clay by Martin then cast into a mold were other substrates were used to create panels to be scanned into 3D files to bring into the computer for creating the cut files. The cast panels were sent to Brady at iBILD ( to have them 3D Laser Digitized into hi-res files for us to prepare them to be cut on the CNC.