HDPE Poultry Sorter SmallWe were contacted by a local manufacturer of poultry equipment.  They had a 48"x120"x1.5" sheet of HDPE that they needed to have two sorter disc and guides cut.  

Darren Sprowl at Covenant Woodworks needed a gift for his parents.  Darren's parents live on a working horse ranch is California and Darren wanted a carving that they could hang in the bunk house.  Thus the birth of The American Cowboy carving.  The carving was cut in a 2" thick pine slab.  Darren finished the piece and delivered the piece to his parents.  His parents loved the piece so much that they hung it in the main house. 


This project required us to produce three 3d carved doors.  The project called for two doors to be produce for a cabinet and one door for a customer sample.